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Russian Homemade Video

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1 year ago
Please, stop this senseless war. Over 8000 Russian soldiers have already lost their lives and will not be returning home. Russia is a great country and its people are proud. But do not less this lead you blindly. Ukraine has a smaller military and no nukes. Russia was never at risk of being attacked. Innocent people are being bombed and blown up. It needs to end. Please, if you are reading this, ask yourself what you can do to stop it?
1 year ago
I’ve spoken with many Russians who do not support Putin but feel disheartened in thinking there is nothing they can do. “It’s just the way it is or nothing will change,” is often what I heard. This isn’t true. There is power in numbers and many people think just like you. Stand up for what you believe in and be smart about it. You have the true heart of Russia!
rob 3 years ago
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Ania 10 months ago
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Tiantum 1 year ago
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Pana 2 years ago
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Yessi 3 years ago
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بنات حريم انستا 4 months ago
tggcddg 1 year ago
3 years ago
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